Why it’s important to support engaged art?

Poverty, hunger, class inequality, child slavery, the humiliation of women, human trafficking are not something we like to think about; we prefer to be conformist lulled into our little comforts, we prefer to turn our heads to the nicer side. But some artists, in the name of the conscience of society, will invest their work, energy, and money in these themes. Engaged art will require you to wake up and start with various expressive means. Often unpleasant, (causes a bitter taste, emptiness in the chest, sadness, disgust, shame), this art uses a powerful range of expressive means to awaken consciousness. This is precisely the reason why art is purposefully marginalized today, why its audience is taken away and artists are pushed to the very bottom of society, impoverished and without self-esteem.

Being a non-commercial, engaged art needs patrons/patrons. Be a patron! Each of your donations encourages the artist to continue working and helps to convey an engaging message and raise awareness.

Your donations will be deducted from the price upon eventual purchase, therefore, you have not only encouraged engaged creativity but over time possibly also purchased a work of art.  

Hvala Vam,

Dijana Lukić  

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